Fifi4Marine provides fire safety solutions for marine applications
We provide fire safety solutions for marine applications
Fifi4Marine provides fire safety solutions for marine applications
Fifi4Marine, Fire-fighting-for-Marine provides fire safety solutions for marine applications


FIFI4MARINE provides a standalone, PLC controlled 24/7 detection and activation CAFS fire extinguisher system to be used where a fire-load or a high temperature exposure need to be controlled coming from inside the battery system or outside of the battery system as external fire load.

In case of an event the foam-injection system is automatically activated by remote signals coming from gas and fire detection sensors or from the battery management system.

By means of compressed air* , the biological premix is transformed to a unique hybrid and sustainable fire extinguisher foam which is applicable to all fire classes.

The produced foam is applied via piping and ducts into the selected battery system(s) creating a direct cooling effect which strongly reduces temperatures to safety levels and prevents propagation to surrounding modules.

Our system uses an automated zone selection. Pneumatic-electric valves are used to select and inject only the battery-series in which gas or a to high temperature is detected. All other battery-series in the battery room which are in a safe situation will not be injected and remain 100% fully operative to ensure redundancy. The F4M system is designed to reduce collateral damage and downtime.

The system can be configured to inject foam in individual modules, complete racks or complete strings. The most cost-effective system architecture is to design the system to disconnect each string electrically and fill that particular string with foam, leaving all unaffected strings in operation.

The FIFI4MARINE system is a completely stand-alone system, controlled by a DAP (detection and Activation Panel) Control cabinet. The WAGO PLC based controller offers besides the functional control furthermore limited hardwired signalling to the alarm & control system. For more detailed information a Modbus TCP connection is standard available. The HMI in the front offers local status view and alarm acknowledgement. Finally, all events and activities will be internally logged.

*In case the client or project specification demands a gas based extinguisher system, the F4M system can be outfitted with compressed Nitrogen instead of compressed air without additional costs.