Land Based

Mechanically driven CAFS

For large applications a mechanically driven CAFS is used, Continuously supply of open sprinkler systems controlled per automated selected zones. 

MED Handheld A,B & F/K extinguishers

Corrosion proof Composite bottles in 3,6 and 9Litre, 20 years life time, after 10 year first service.  No external service or annual checking is required.

Backpack CAFS units with DRYFOAM and optional breather mask

Carry-on unit with foam, pressurized with air bottles and optional breather mask.

Increased operation time due to Dry-Foam.

Dry-Foam minimizes water damage.

Possible to be refilled by the crew on board using spare Pre-Mix, the used air bottles can be refilled by the ships-dive-compressor.

Fixed SKID`s with CAFS and detection central

Custom build fixed skid unit with Dry-foam pressurized by air bottles or air compressor, medium to large Lithium Batteries or Galley applications.

High Pressure Glass-Composite tank reduces weight and is corrosion / Marine proof.

Stand-Alone automated fire extinguisher systems for automated protection.

ECO and non-corrosive extinguishing reduces collateral damage and down time.

Extinguishing Lithium Batteries

Thermal runaway, lithium fires and propagation of cells are the most hazardous threats on board of any ship.

Automated Direct Foam Injection combined with a time based re-injection control is proven to stop the fire and saves up to 99% of the remaining batteries.

Reducing system damage and unwanted down time.

Tested and approved by DNV-GL and the DMA.